Complete the Experience

A few months ago I was dining at One Midtown Kitchen with some friends and experience something that I think translates into a great customer service principle.

The experience that evening was definitely good – the food was well prepared and presented, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere was carefully planned.  We had finished our meal and were talking as we walked toward the door.  Just before we walked out the door the host engaged us, asked us about our experience, and wished us a good evening.  Then, once we were outside, the valet engaged us and also asked out about our experience.

The experience was already good – the actions of the host and the valet made it great, they worked to

Complete the Experience

As I’ve been thinking about this principle for a few months I’ve seen it pop up in other places.  AAA makes good use of this to check on the service their members received.  After you call them for service, they’ll call you within the next 24 hours to see if everything was okay, your service was prompt and if you need anything else.  Some business and churches have “exit greeters” who greet you on the way out to try to complete your experience.

What if performing arts centers, theaters, and arenas started doing this?  “Thanks for spending the evening (and your money) with us we hope you have a safe trip home.”  What about your mechanic?  “Thanks for trusting me with you car (i.e. something you probably don’t know a lot about) do you have any questions about the service I did today?”

Where have you experienced or seen an organization “complete the experience.”  How did they do it?  Were they excellent in something small, or did they go over the top?


2 Responses to “Complete the Experience”

    • 2 jsantorum January 22, 2010 at 8:22 am

      Thanks Ryan – I’m now looking for it and interested to see what other places/environments/organizaitons where it appears

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