Review – Primal

Primal is the third book that I’ve read by Mark Batterson, and just like In a Pit With A Lion on a Snowy Day and Wild Goose Chase, his latest book does not disappoint.  This book has a different voice than his previous two works, although there are still plenty of challenges.  Primal is about “rediscovering the lost soul of Christianity.”  It’s about stripping away all the things that have gotten in the way over the years and going back to the things of first importance.  Batterson not only challenges the reader with new concepts, but he also challenges the reader to take action.

Batterson says that as Christians we’re often “not that great at the Great Commandment.” He “re-imagines the four primal elements detailed by Jesus in the Great Commandment:”

The heart of Christianity is primal compassion
The soul of Christianity is primal wonder
The mind of Christianity is primal curiosity
The strength of Christianity is primal energy – p. 7

Here are just a few quotes/ideas that caught my attention:

  • If you are in Christ and Christ is in you cannot be okay with suffering or injustice or starvation.  Why?  Because His heart is in you.  And His heart beats for the suffering, the victim, the poor, and the needy.  p. 20
  • Meditating on it [Scripture] turns one-dimensional knowledge into two-dimensional understanding.  Living it out turns two-dimensional understanding into three-dimensional obedience.  p. 72
  • The church ought to be the most curious place on the planet.  We ought to be a safe place where people can ask dangerous questions, but all too often we’re guilty of answering questions that no on else even asking.  We ought to be challenging the status quo, but all too often we’re guilty of defending it.  p. 97
  • Energy may be the least appreciated dimension of love because it’s the least sentimental.  But it’s the most practical.  And how we invest our energy revels our true priorities.  p. 134

I think this is a great book and one I’ll come back to in coming months.  If you haven’t already finalized your reading list for next year, it’s worth adding Primal.  You can go here to find out more about purchasing a copy

This book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah


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