Fred on Systems

Below is the final post in a short series of quotes from The Fred Factor that applied to areas of interest for me.  Here are some links in case you want to know more about the book and/or the author.  Today’s post examines the topic of Systems:

  • Simplify
  • Make it easier for people to get what they need from you.  Eliminate red tape and mind-numbing bureaucracy
    • Don’t create steps in your systems that don’t accomplish your end goal.
    • If there’s still a lot of bureaucracy, then maybe you need to re-examine the end goal.
  • …Think about the systems you are a part of.  You know how things work.  Where are the shortcuts?
  • What does an insider – that would be you – know that would benefit an outsider?
    • Try to remember your first interactions with your organization or other organizations and reflect on the sticking points that you encountered.
    • You can practice this both internally and externally.  Try to not only think about the external customer experience, but also the internal customer experience (i.e. employees, key leaders, or volunteers).  How easy was it to get connected?  Is the new hire orientation helpful or just a bunch of information like every other place you’ve worked?)
  • If you want to be of greater service to others, use your knowledge and expertise to help them understand what appears to be a complex and overwhelming situation.
    • This is especially true for those who are new, interacting with your organization for the first time, and may not know the “rules” yet.
  • Continually Create Value For Others
    • Are your systems designed to create value for those who interact with them?
    • Are people better off or worse off after they’ve interacted with your organization?
  • Increase your implementation quotient – It isn’t enough just to have good ideas if you don’t do something with them.
    • You have to actually do the hard work of implementing all the systems you think up in your meetings.

My good friend Casey Ross has some great posts about systems on his blog.  Here are two about systems and environments.  Be sure to look around at some of his other great posts while you’re there.


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