Wisdom from Young Leaders

Last week I was catching up on my blog reading and three posts caught my attention.  They were all by young leaders, and each one dealt with an issue that impacts us personally and our organizations.

Brad Lomenick warns against being average.  Average seems like it’s okay, but it’s not.  We don’t grow up wanting to be average, but at some point it just becomes okay.  Read, “Don’t be Average

Jenni Catron talks about people who just don’t get it.  We’ve all been in meetings or worked on projects with people like this.  The flip side is that everyone has also been the person who doesn’t get it.  Do you have people and/or systems in place to warn you when you start losing touch?

Emotional intelligence and self-awareness is something that is often overlooked by many as a quality of a good leader.  Casey Ross gives us a surprising way that insecurity can manifest itself, and discusses managing this emotion. 

I hope you enjoy these great posts from dynamic young leaders.


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