Things to Check Out

Check it out, there’s lots of good stuff in here:

Michael Hyatt offered some words of advice about leading during turbulent times.  He also had some practical pointers to improve meetings.

Seth has had some great thoughts on effort, or lack there of, over the last couple of weeks, including:  The Sad Lie of Mediocrity, The 90/10 Rule of Marketing a Job.

Craig Groeschel continues with practical, helpful advice.  Two weeks ago, he spoke about leading teams.  You can read the intro here, and the follow-up posts here, here and here.  This past week he wrote about leading during financially troubling times.  You can read what he had to say here, here, here & here

Bill George wrote a Business Week article about leading in a new generation, the “We” generation (h/t: Michael Hyatt)

Paul from Results Junkies offered a great reminder that what gets measured gets managed.

Mark Batterson shared some thougts from a talk he gave on Purple Cows.

Tony Morgan says, “Resign Today!”  Read the post that drew all sorts of interesting comments, and then watch his interview with Perry Noble that offers some more explanation.

Mark Waltz reminds us that if you’re a high-level leader in your organization, you need to spend some time periodically with volunteers (or front-line employees) who make things happen in your organization.  Read volunteering as staff.


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