Success is Not An Accident

I’m a firm believer that most people work very hard for any measure of success they experience in life.  Sure there are a few people who get lucky, but luck being your success plan is about as solid as winning the lottery being your retirement plan.  It may happen, but the chances for most people are slim.  I even wrote about planning to win recently.  Here’s what some others have to say:

Carey Nieuwhof talks about the intentional nature of success.  He said, “A person who has a mediocre gift set but works hard at developing that skill set every day will accomplish much more than a person with a fantastic skill set who plays video games all day and never engages them.”  Read the complete post here

There were some similar statements made by Seth in a post entitled, Is effort a myth?  He said, “While luck may be more appealing than effort, you don’t get to choose luck. Effort, on the other hand, is totally available, all the time.”

Jim Collins spoke at Catalyst a few weeks ago and shared the following thoughts: 

“Greatness is not a function of luck or circumstances.  Greatness is a function of conscious choices & discipline…Greatness is a function of the small choices you make that no one can see.”

What choices are you making today, that will impact tomorrow?  Are you underestimating the importance of small choices, because you think it’s all about the big choices?


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