Entry Points

I’m pretty passionate about customer service.  A couple of things organizations with good service do well is make you it easy for you to interact with them and make you feel comfortable, early.  There were a couple of things that I read over the last week that reminded me again of the importantance of first impressions and entry points.

I read this story on Mark Waltz’s blog about making the first steps safe.  At Granger, they’ve made intentional decisions about their environments that have make it safe for someone to connect.  Volunteers, especially those entrusted with making the first impressions for your organization, are given a huge responsibility to make people feel comfortable and welcomed.

John Bishop wrote about the crazy volunteers at Elevation Church and their eternal impact on one lady’s life.  The volunteers there have a history of impacting the lives of those who show up for the first time. 

Casey Ross asked the question, “Do You Make it Easy for People?”  How difficult is it for people to interact with your organization?  Once they show up, will the environment(s)/experience(s) you’ve intentionally created cause them to put up their guard, or let their guard down?  Also check out his latest installment about the importance of “How,” which contains one thing his organization did to help create a less confusing first experience for outsiders.

How easy is it for others to interact with your organization?  If you could get them to give you one shot, how confident are you that they would return?  Are you helping those who are entrusted with your first impressions understand the importance of their role in your organization?


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