Supporting the Next Generation

Mark Batterson posted this quote on his blog yesterday: – Originality, Authenticity, Creativity via kwout

It reminded me of a point that Andy made during the last sessions at both the Drive Conference, and the Catalyst Conference.  In his talk, “Recent Random Thoughts on Leadership,” he quotes Al Reis from the book Focus – “The next generation product almost never comes from the previous generation.”  According to Andy, “If you’re an older leader in your organization, your job is to recognize ideas and give younger leaders the margin to pursue their ideas.”  The takeaway is:  “Be a student, not a critic.”

Are you a student or a critic of the next generation leaders in your organization?  Do you view them as the future of your organization or as a bunch of crazy, immature quasi-contributors that may not amount to anything?  Were you on the cutting edge five years ago, but now find yourself opposing new ideas?


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