Things to Check Out

Here’s a mid-week list of things that have been getting my attention:

Michael Hyatt – gives some insight into some of the collective thinking behind the financial bailout that plagues many of us everyday in our organizations.  Silver Bullet Thinking is rarely the answer, and he challenges leaders and influencers to a more stable approach to succeeding in the current environment.

Casey Ross – talks about emotional intelligence and how the leader “manages meaning” for those they lead.  This post has already sparked some interesting conversations with some people that I interact with.  If you’re a leader, you need to understand how your responses affect the interpretation of an event for those you lead.

Seth Godin – wrote about your ability to control what you do all day with a shift in perspective – read it here;  check out this post as well on a key component to casting a compelling vision.

Brains on Fire – the brand/idea people had some ideas about how Passion Progresses.

Carey Nieuwhof – offers a good reminder in his post, Who are you Building Into?, that we should have people smarter than us influencing us.  However, it’s just as important that we spend time building into others.

I just started following a new blog – Results Junkies – so far, I’m really enjoying the content.


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