Things to Check Out

Here’s the weekly sampling of some great content:

Ben Arment – had two interesting posts about leading others.  The first, People are Committed Right Up Until the Moment They Leave, reminds us to check in with those we lead and make sure they’re still on track.  Just because they show up and seem committed doesn’t mean everything is okay.  The second, Connectors, invites us to think strategically when building a movement about how to grow that movement.  Providing resources and time to influence influencers might be more effective that the shotgun approach.

Carey Nieuwhof – wrote a series of posts on building margin into your life and living out of the overflow.  As we spend out time more strategically, then we can actually accomplish more by doing less.  Check out Less is More, Moving to Less for More, and Making Margin – those you lead and those you love will benefit greatly.

Brad Lomenick – wrote about Sideways Energy in your life and in your organization – at the end he gives a few tips to help deal with the problem.

Casey Ross is continuing the customer service conversation with a list of what customers wantand some questions you should ask about your organizations/environments.  He also had the latest installment in a series of posts about the difference HOW can make.

Bobby Gruenewald – posted What the Church can Learn from Google Pt. 2 – incremental improvements matter.


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