Leaders as DNA

I read an interesting post from Ben Arment on Monday – Pastor as DNA.  The premise is that organizations reflect the strengths and weaknesses of their leaders.  Here’s part of what Ben had to say:

“our churches end up looking just like us. It just happens. Our passions turn into vision. Our blind-spots become the church’s neglect. Because vision is not just what we say… but what we fail to talk about. If we’re not into small groups, neither will our churches. If we’re not generous, our leaders will be hoarders.”

You reproduce yourself in the environments you lead.  If there are things that aren’t going well and you just can’t seem to put your finger on it – take look at yourself.  If your kids have a quick temper – chances are they got it from mom or dad.  If your employees aren’t trusting and don’t give the benefit of the doubt, but they weren’t that way when they came to work for you.  Hmm…?  I’m not saying it’s all you, because everyone you lead is exposed to multiple influences every day; however, you might consider examining the influence of your leadership earlier in the process instead of making it a last resort.

The good things is, now you know.  “And knowing is half the battle!”  Now we all have the opportunity to think hard about what we want to reproduce in others and in our organizations/environments as a whole.  There’s a chance to be more intentional.  The big question is, “What about all those things you don’t want to reproduce?”  I don’t have a lot of answers, but try looking for others in your organization/environments that counter the negatives.  One possibility is to bring people on board as part of your leadership team that have the qualities you want to pass on to your team, but lack yourself.

What are some areas where you’re proud to reproduce in others?  What are a few things that you hope others don’t pick up from you?


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