Leadership is Stewardship

“…it’s temporary and you’re accountable.” So says Andy Stanley.  This line has been repeated many times, and chances are you’ve heard it at one point or another.  It serves as the tag line on the intro to the Catalyst Podcast, and spoke about this recently in the Letters to the Next President series – you can watch the messages from that series, here

If you like to think about things, like I do, then after you’ve heard this for a while you might ask, “Stewards of what?”  While there are many things that leaders are entrusted to steward, here are two of the most important.  A leader is a Steward of Vision, and a Steward of People.  I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it came from a friend of my who used to be a consultant. 

Steward of Vision – As a leader you’re entrusted with communicating and advancing the vision of the organization.  If you’re the top leader, you may also be responsible for formulating the vision.  Any leader in an organization is charged with protecting the integrity of the vision, which means ensuring that it is communicated clearly and consistently from the top to the bottom.  This idea also means guarding against vision leaks, attempts by others (intentional or unintentional) to hijack the vision, and fighting for the vision.  Rest assured, there are fun parts too – like celebrating wins, honoring those who help you advance your vision, constantly engaging in something that you deeply believe in, and the sense of satisfaction when you see others “get it.”   

Steward of People– As a leader, you’ve been entrusted with the organization’s most important resource – people.  This is a huge responsibility and privilege.  You get to bring people along with you. For those inside your organization it means caring for them, developing them as leaders, leaving them better than you found them, and helping them to succeed.  It can mean caring more about them than the work they do for you (work matters, but not at the expense of the relationship).  For those outside your organization, it can mean designing the systems that are the means of interacting with your organization with them in mind.  You’re a steward of the interactions you have, because they can speak volumes about your organization and it’s vision.

How have you been a steward of vision lately?  How are you stewarding the people and relationships in your life?


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