Things to Check Out

This week’s installments of things that I found helpful or interesting:

Seth Godin – had a great post about time stewardship.  If you’re clamoring for my attention, then please respect my time.  Read more here.

Carey Nieuwhof – offered an important reminder about the people that you interact with every day.  They all have Stories.  You never know what someone is bringing with them in your interaction or is going to face after they leave your presence.  You get to interact with them for a short time – are you ready to engage their story?

Tony Morgan– posted a quote by Erwin McManus from a recent article about the role of pastors as “curators of human talent.”  Go here to read the full quote.

Jud Wilhite wrote on the Deadly Viper Blog about not underestimating the process.  Lots of success stories don’t even involve launches. 

My friend, Ryan W. Fitzgerald unveiled the newly redesigned, and had a strong post about getting what you pay for.  Decisions you make early on in the life of an organization can set precedents and have an impact on your organization in the future.


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