Things to Check Out

Below is this week’s list of things that caught my eye:

The Amp– is designed for next generation worship leaders (13-22 year olds).  This idea has the potential to substantially impact the next generation of the Church as a whole.  Carlos wrote about The Amp this week on his blog, check it out, here.  If you are a next gen worship leader or you know one then sign up/get them signed up now for the September 20th Amp Saturday at!  Hurry, registration ends Sept. 8th!

Craig had a series of 3 posts on the blog about questions.  These were really enjoyable to me, because I’m a question asker.  I love questions.  Things would be good in life if I had a job where I got paid to ask questions a lot of the time.  Asking these questions and seeking the answers will transform your organization.  General Questions, Staffing QuestionsPeer to Peer Questions.

Seth Godin – I know, I know, a lot of his posts are great.  This one is really important though – Fixing the One Big Thing.  What would it take to dramatically improve someone’s perception of your or your organization – it may be easier than you think.  What if you just had to fix one thing – one big thing.

Casey Ross– had a thought-provoking post on environments.  I’m sure this is not the last you’ll hear from him about this concept, and it’s possible that some future posts on this blog will be inspired by it as well.  Bottom line – if you have ANYTHING to do with systems in your organization(s), the list of questions at the bottom of his post are crucial for you to interact with.  Check out, Systems Can Be Environments: Part Two.

Brad Lomenick – great post about how NASCAR has created Raving Fans.  If you’re at all interested in Customer Service, you should also read the book Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

Andy‘s leadership podcast – my first response is – this is exciting.  My second response – it’s about time.  Go here to subscribe – now


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