Connecting Leaders to Your Organization

Had a great conversation with a friend this weekend about high-capacity leaders in the church.  It was originally inspired by a set of posts from Ben Arment over a month ago.  We talked a lot about identifying and connecting high-capacity leaders to your organization.  Here are some statements/ideas I’m processing after our discussion:

  •  When someone jumps into and even buys into what’s going on in your organization, they may not be as on-board as you think.  It’s quite possible that they’ve only bought-in at a surface level.  They’re excited and willing to give of their time, but it could just be that they want to be a part of the “something special” that’s going on in your organization.
  • The most committed people will actually defend the vision when it’s under attack.  Their language changes from “a decision, the vision, that vision,” to “my decision, my/our vision, my                (insert organization type here).
  • Some roles are standard, can be reproduced, and are almost “plug-and-play.”  However, it may be beneficial to craft other roles around the strengths and giftings of your high-capacity leaders.  So – if you don’t have a role that fits a high-capacity leader who’s ready to commit to your organization – Create One.
  •  Use key, large events (1-3/yr) to connect leaders you want in your organization.  Ask them for a short-term commitment to help with one of these special events, and see if they’re a good fit.  If so, challenge them to a long-term commitment.  Give them an opportunity to be a part of seeing the vision in action.

What about you?  How are you connecting high-capacity leaders in your organization?  What’s your recruitment process?  How have you seen the benefits in your organization?


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