Leading in the Valleys

I read this on Perry’s blog this week from Brian Houston of Hillsong Church – “Leadership is proven in the valleys, not on the mountain tops.


That’s a great idea, and one that proves itself to be true over and over again.  The fact is, it’s really easy to lead on the mountain tops.  While some leadership ability is needed, when an organization, family, friendship, or group is experiencing a mountain top, often times it seems like they’re running themselves.  In the good times it’s relatively easy to lead, easy to love, and easy to be a friend.  It’s easy to lead when everyone respects your leadership, fulfills a unique role by acting out of their strengths, your children just made the honor roll or received a college scholarship, and your friends are experiencing success in their lives.


Leading through the valleys is a different story.  It’s not quite as easy to lead when it seems like no one respects you, or your input is not valued.  The decisions are much harder when it looks like you’ve got a bus full of the wrong people in your organization.  Although you still love them, it’s not as easy when you child throws a tantrum in the middle of a store or just got suspended from school.  It’s hard when your friend who was doing well the last time you saw them now wants nothing to do with you and seems to be turning away from God.


The true nature of a leader is proven when things are tough.


How have you/are you leading through the valleys?  What encouraging stories have you heard about others leading through the valley?


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