Things to check out

Here are some things that caught my eye this week.  Hopefully they’ll be a good resource or at least an interesting read.

JD Greear – had a great series of posts about questions to ask when you face a closed door.  He suggests – always ask, pray the sheep prayer, and always forward.  He also has a great post here, from a couple of weeks ago about small groups.  

Ben Arment – had an interesting post about leaders, their iconic symbols, and the importance of the symbols to a leader’s legacy – churchill and his cigar, lincoln and his black hat.  I’m not really sure I have one of those yet – maybe a red mountainsmith day pack?

Tim Stevens – offered some insightful words concerning the results of a study they did at Granger a few months ago, and responded to the findings that some at Granger don’t believe in the authority of Scripture and others that attend are still exploring Christianity.  Read the post here.


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