Leadership Lesson

I think someone’s trying to teach me a lesson.  However, contrary to my normal learning method, which consists of me deciding that I want to learn about someone or something and then gathering some books and reading about it, this one just keeps popping up.  So much so, that I’m starting to ask, “What’s going on here?” 

I’ve known for several years that most people are heavy on education and light on application.  So here are the ways this has crossed my path in the last week:

Evotional.com – Originality, Authenticity, Creativity via kwout


History in the Making: THE DEFAULT CHURCH FACTOR via kwout

  • I met with a great leader this week and ask him some questions.  I asked about some of the books that had been most meaningful to him as a leader, and what he was currently reading.   He quickly gave me a few titles and then said, “Honestly, I’m in more of an application phase right now.  I already know a lot more than I’m actually applying as a leader.  The challenge is to work hard to apply what I already know.” 

As I was leaving my meeting I asked if he would mind meeting with me again at some point.  He said that he would, but between now and then that I needed to work on applying some of the leadership principles I was learning.  There was also some implication (although not explicitly stated) that I’d better have some application examples ready before I contacted him for another meeting.

So, where are you educated far beyond your level of obedience?  What’s the next right step you need to take to work on applying the knowledge you have?


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