Things to Check Out

I’ve been checking out some interesting things lately.  I thought I would pass them on…

  1. If you’re a young worship leader (high school or college) go to and register for the first Amp Saturday in Atlanta on September 20.  You need to be there.  This guy, this guy, and this guy are the organizers and they’re all three superstars at what they do.  Plus, this guy will be there – you’ll grow in coolness just hanging around him.
  2. Ben Arment was on a roll on his blog last week.  There were several great posts.  Here were a couple of my favorites (the neutering of church volunteers & how to attrach high-caliber leaders), if you’re part of an organization that depends on volunteers in any capacity, you need to read these and think about your organization.
  3. Tony’s a really smart guy.  His post on the things that were catching his attention lately caught my attention.  Every link was either interesting or helpful for me.  Hopefully, you’ll find them useful too.
  4. Chunks had a great guest post here about what Elevation does to get ready for “Big Days.”  These guys do “Big Days,” really well.  If you’ve got an event coming up, some of these tips will help you out.

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